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 So, over the winter I have replaced all standing rigging, the Mainsail and Genoa. So we are ready to sail. I had a little setback. Had to go to the hospital for lung cancer surgery. But I should be up and running by fall. Planing a trip from Jacksonville Florida up to the Chesapeake. We will see how that goes. Next job is to have a dodger installed and maybe some new winches.
Chandlery / 1981 365 Ketch For Sale
« Last post by S/V Moon Dancer on June 20, 2017, 12:01:11 PM »
Hull number 376.
In good condition, ready to sail.  I still use her frequently on Biscayne Bay.  She's in Miami at the Rickenbacker Marina.  Freshly painted and re-wired sticks.  She's in good shape- just a few cosmetic things that are pretty minor.  Kid is getting ready for college, dad needs to downsize...
She was a freshwater boat until fall of 2014 (Chicago, Great Lakes) I am only the second owner.
I have her (Moon Dancer) listed on with details and pictures if anyone is interested.  All reasonable offers considered. She's a great boat.
Any questions, just send me a message.
Pearson 365/367 Mechanic Shop / Re: Paragon SAOD what not to do.
« Last post by Della and Dave on June 18, 2017, 12:50:46 PM »
Ouch!  Thanks for letting everyone know.  That transmission is popular on a lot of other boats too. 
Pearson 365/367 Mechanic Shop / Re: Paragon SAOD what not to do.
« Last post by SVJourney on June 17, 2017, 02:15:05 PM »
Wow!  That really sucks man.  Glad you did get your trans back and thank you for posting this up!
Pearson 365/367 Mechanic Shop / Paragon SAOD what not to do.
« Last post by stbtack1 on June 17, 2017, 11:18:16 AM »
This was mentioned before but I missed it because it was near the end of a previous tread. I want this to be top and center to anyone looking to repair a SAOD. While researching someone to repair my saod I ran across American Transmission David Layman. After my nightmare I discovered that American Transmission is no longer a business in good standing in Md and shut down. The calls get forwarded to Daves cell phone where he will tell you to ship it to his new address which happens to be his home. Of course the victim (me) does not know any of this. My first clue of trouble was when he sent me pictures of the tyranny on his work bench which happened to be the tailgate of his pick up. Being the fool that I can be I sent him payment to rebuild anyway. That was nearly three months ago. After he had it for 5 weeks he quit returning calls and I was on the verge of reporting him for wire fraud which carries the sting of a federal crime as he sent me a photocopy bill via text for work he was not intending to do. As he had my tranny and my money I decided to try and track him down instead. Most crooks are not very smart (and apparently neither am I) so I was to track him to his current employer. Once he realized I knew where he worked, which could be trouble for him, he promised he would send it by the end of the week. Well three weeks later still no tranny. Finially, to rub insult into injury he sent it back freight collect after I had already paid him to ship it.  I am now terrified as to what work he actually did but at least I will have the tranny back. All I can say is the guy lies when the truth sounds better and a fool and his money are easily parted. If you use this guy after reading this then you are a fool.
Two blog posts by Laelia's PO on the subject: - on installation - on sailing with it

Some highlights:

The emergency tiller is not a very good tiller it is too short, it is a cold, metal tube to hang on to, it is too short and it sticks up at an odd angle.

If yesterday's sail was as bad as it gets, I could live with it but one of the other owners commented that even with a wheel, the steering effort can get pretty high when the wind picks up.

In the end, well, my boat still has a wheel :)

This might be the thread he was referring to:
Thanks Kevin. That looks awesome.

I have always used the ATN Tacker on my 367.   It works great, and is simple to use.  There are some other products out there that do the same thing, or you could piece one together on your own.

Link to manufacture site below:

Here are measurements for my emergency tiller

Thanks so much! Also, anyone used it while sailing? As provided, does it have sufficient leverage for controlling the rudder in normal conditions? Any design tweaks that may be advantageous?
Here are measurements for my emergency tiller, all in inches:

Bottom to middle of bend, measured along inside of bend = 34
Mid bend to top, measured along inside of bend = 30.5
End to end, measured along inside of bend = 65
End to end, measured in a straight line = 58
Width (external) of square cross section at the bottom = 1-3/4
Top diameter = 1-7/8

Laelia's previous owner found that you can't mount the tiller facing in the normal tiller orientation without removing the wheel and the compass, which is obviously not something you want to be doing in an emergency :) In my own experiments, I found it easy enough (sitting a the dock) to operate the tiller while it was mounted pointing off to starboard, so the handle part extends over the seat.
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