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Title: 365 list update
Post by: #143 on January 07, 2019, 08:38:55 AM
I havenít logged in in quite some time. Looking over the list of 365s and their locations, i didnít see Tethys, #143, on the list. We are currently in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
Actually, i was searching for other 365s in this area. I knew of 5 others. That was before Hurricanes Irma and Marie. Now, i only know of 1 other than mine, a 365 cutter, and he lost his mast in Irma. So, i wonder if there is any info on the remaining 365s. There were almost 600 boats lost here in the territory. Hopefully the 365s survived, but i havenít seen any.
From what i understand, something like 1500 were lost in the BVI. There are boats still littering many beaches there.
Title: Re: 365 list update
Post by: S/V AMITY on January 07, 2019, 03:16:21 PM
  Terrible carnage down there.  Hopefully the other 365's escaped south to Grenada.